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What Are the Best Areas to Invest in the California Bay Area?

What Are the Best Areas to Invest in the California Bay Area?

In California, almost half of all residents rent their accommodations. That makes the state an excellent prospect for investors, and Contra Costa County stands out as one of the best areas to get started.

Contra Costa County is a forward-thinking and positive environment for business growth, which encourages economic prosperity and employment. This makes the county a favorable location to buy investment property for passive income.

Although you can't go wrong wherever you buy a rental property in this area, some neighborhoods will place you in a better position to thrive.

These are the best places to invest in the California Bay area.


Brentwood is an excellent place for real estate investment thanks to its strong economic foundations. The city has a high employment rate and has managed to sustain itself through trying times.

This stability means that the city appeals to entrepreneurs and new businesses. These people attract a large pool of qualified tenants for your investment property.

Real estate prices in Brentwood are also trending upward, so you can benefit if you decide to sell your rental property.


Retail and industrial businesses are thriving in Oakley, drawing ever more residents to this small city near Sacramento. Not only is the area great for employment seekers, but it's an attractive option for after-hours leisure and family enjoyment, too.

Entertainment options in Oakley, like the Big Break Regional Shoreline, HOOTs Barand Casino, and Big Break Marina, appeal to young professionals and families alike. Locals also enjoy easy access to wine farms and fishing experiences.

The city is committed to maintaining its family-friendly environment, and its scenic surroundings only make Oakley an even more appealing choice for new residents.

Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is another excellent choice for investors. It offers a blend of suburban tranquility and urban sophistication that attracts large numbers of tenants to this vibrant location.

The city has an intriguing downtown area filled with opportunities for upmarket shopping, outstanding dining, and reveling in the thriving local arts scene. Families are drawn to schools with solid reputations, complemented by the many recreational activities available nearby.


Vallejo offers a rare mix of low real estate prices and the potential to earn a high rental income. The city attracts many renters due to its strong performance in the manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, and tourism sectors.

The city's many amenities, multiple attractions, and infinite livability add to its appeal. Vallejo has abundant green spaces, many outdoor activities, a rich culture, and a diverse and delicious food scene.

The economy is diversified and stable, with a low risk of market downturns and a steady demand for housing.

Make the Most of Your Contra Costa County Investment Property

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