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Eviction Protection for Landlords in Brentwood, CA: What You Should Know

Eviction Protection for Landlords in Brentwood, CA: What You Should Know

High housing costs across California pose major problems for landlords and tenants after the state's eviction protection programs ended in 2022.

Landlords face ongoing losses due to non-payment of rent and costly eviction proceedings to remove bad tenants. For tenants, the prospect of homelessness is an even more dire scenario.

If you're a landlord in Brentwood, you might face this unpleasant situation soon. Learn more about evictions in California and find out about the eviction protection measures offered by property managers in Brentwood, CA.

Reasons to Evict Tenants in California

Under the California Tenant Protection Act, landlords must have just cause to evict tenants. These are:

  • Unit damages
  • Violating the terms of the lease.
  • Barring a landlord from accessing their property
  • Accepting subtenants without approval
  • Illegal activity on the property
  • Non-payment of rent

Skipped payments are by far the most common reason for evictions. It's always best to work with your tenants to rectify the matter rather than pursue lengthy, expensive eviction proceedings.

The Eviction Process

In most cases, you must provide the tenant with a time frame to rectify their offense. Cease or quit notices are for serious issues, giving the tenant three days to move out or face eviction.

Remedy or quit notices have longer time frames and give the tenant time to rectify a situation, leave the property, or get evicted.

If the tenant does not comply, you may file an unlawful detainer with the court. You must arrange for the delivery of the court papers to the tenant.

They have a few days to file a response. If they don't reply in time, you can file papers requesting that the judge rule in their absence.

Once the court date is set, you attend the proceedings with or without the tenant, and the judge makes his decision.

If they decide in favor of an eviction, they will supply you with papers ordering the sheriff to evict your tenants. The sheriff posts a notice to vacate.

Avoid Evictions With Property Management Services

Working with an experienced property manager is one way for Brentwood landlords to avoid the expenses and delays associated with evictions.

Property management services screen every tenant application to ensure new tenants can afford to pay their rent every month. They assist with rent collection to prevent outstanding amounts from building up.

They conduct regular rental property inspections, which can reveal lease infringements. These inspections also protect your investment property from ongoing damage by careless tenants.

In the unlikely event that you need to evict a tenant, your property management team can manage the process for you to ensure it concludes as quickly as possible.

Sign Up for Eviction Protection in Brentwood, CA

Eviction protection is one of a host of services offered by the best Brentwood property managers. Other conveniences include property marketing, rent collection, property inspections, and lease management.

Blue Line Property Management offers extensive eviction management services for landlords in Brentwood, California. Get in touch today to find out how we can shield you from the stresses of evicting bad tenants.