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10 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company in Pittsburgh, CA

Owning a Pittsburgh, CA rental property can be a great source of additional income. However, it can also be a hassle to self-manage a rental property. After all, there is upkeep, repairs, marketing, and rent collection to handle. Not to mention, property inspections, tenant disputes, and so much more.

If you’re not happy with the time and effort you have to put into self-managing your rental, it’s time you look into hiring a property manager in Pittsburgh, CA. Though property management is an added financial investment, the time and money you’ll save in the long run are worth it.

Don’t believe us? Then keep reading to find out what the advantages are of hiring an experienced property manager and see for yourself.


Why Hire Property Management in Pittsburgh, CA

1. High-Quality Tenants

Tenant screening is a complicated process that requires a lot of work. That said, many landlords fail to understand the importance of screening potential tenants.

A good property manager in Pittsburgh, CA will be able to find tenants that:

  • Can afford to pay your expected rent rate
  • Does not miss a rent payment
  • Cares for your property the way you want them to
  • Wants to stay long-term

A thorough tenant screening process is a must-have when it comes to being a successful landlord. With the right property manager, you’ll get only the best tenants leasing from you and the highest ROI possible.


2. Better Marketing

Just because you own a rental property does not mean you know how to market it when it becomes available.

Property managers in Pittsburgh, CA are skilled at promoting available rentals. For example, they know how to:

  • Write engaging and descriptive rental ads
  • Take high-resolution photos
  • Include unique ad features like virtual tours
  • Provide the right kind of contact information for interested tenants
  • Host property showings that will wow people

In addition, property management companies that have years of experience understand the status of the housing market. This results in competitive rent rates that will generate a healthy profit while also satisfying your tenants.


3. Profitable Rent Rates

As a self-managing property owner, you might struggle with setting the right rent rates for your property. If you set the rate too low, you risk attracting the wrong tenant pool or losing out on money. However, if you set the rent rate too high, you risk an extended vacancy. After all, tenants do their research too. If you charge too much for your rental, a prospective tenant will know and find a similar property for less.

With property management in Pittsburgh, CA, you can expect to have a knowledgeable property manager on your side that can set a competitive rent rate. Understanding the current real estate industry is the job of a property manager. It’s also the job of your property manager to know what amenities tenants are looking for so that you can increase the value of your rental and attract high-paying tenants.


4. 24/7 Maintenance and Repair

The right property management company will offer property owners 24/7 routine and emergency maintenance.

Unless you love a good DIY project or want to spend all your free time responding to maintenance and repair requests, you should look into Pittsburgh, CA property management. Whether it be a minor repair such as a leaky faucet or a major emergency such as a flooded basement, your property manager will be on hand to take care of your tenants and your property.

In addition, using a property management company’s on-site maintenance crew or Rolodex of trusted vendors will save you money. This, paired with the satisfaction of your tenants when requests are handled right away, can help you garner a lease renewal every year.


5. Less Legal Trouble

As a rental property owner, it’s your job to know all federal, state, and local landlord-tenant laws. If you end up in court facing your tenants, don’t expect the judge to grant you leniency because you didn’t know the law.

If you want to avoid having to keep up with the ever-evolving landlord-tenant laws in California, entrust your rental to a property manager instead. A reliable property manager will know about California Fair Housing laws. Plus, they’ll know about tenant eviction proceedings, security deposit collections, lease terminations, required property conditions, and more.


6. Lower Turnover Rates

Every landlord wants to land a tenant that stays long-term. With a high-quality tenant leasing from you year after year, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your property or your profits. However, finding the right tenant and lowering turnover rates can be tough.

Dealing with a vacancy can cost you a lot of time and money. But with a good property manager, your tenant retention rate will increase. Their consistent approach to finding good tenants and keeping them satisfied will help you secure long-term tenants. As a result, you won’t have to deal with marketing your property, screening tenants, or lost rent anymore.


7. Efficient Rent Collection

If your tenants don’t pay rent each month, you don’t make any money. That’s why having an efficient rent collection process is so important. As a self-managing property owner, you might not know how to best collect rent from your tenants. This is especially true if your portfolio is growing.

By hiring a professional property manager in Pittsburgh, CA, you can bet your tenants will pay rent on time every month. They will provide multiple ways to pay rent, such as through an online portal, which is what 65% of renters want. Plus, your property manager will be the one listening to excuses and handling evictions – all so you don’t have to.


8. More Investment Opportunities

One thing holding self-managing property owners back from growing their business is distance. No one has the time to visit rental properties that are far away from their primary residence.

Using property management in Pittsburgh, CA opens up the possibility of investing in rentals that are in any location you want. In other words, having properties across town is no longer going to be a burden. Instead, you’ll earn more money from your properties without having to do any of the work.


9. Stronger Tenant Relationships

When you use a reputable property management company to care for your rental, you’re also able to keep your distance from your tenants. Of course, being friendly with your tenants is not a bad thing. But sometimes when you’re a landlord, professional lines get crossed.

It’s easy to get emotionally tied to your tenants, especially if they’re good people, and let things slide. In addition, it’s easy to get defensive about certain things that have to do with your investment property. This can lead to mishandling of the situation.

With the right property manager helping out, you don’t have to worry about whether to be more friendly or more distant with your tenants. Plus, your property manager will be able to use their people skills to keep your tenants happy and take care of business.


10. Better Work-Life Balance

Another advantage of having a property manager in Pittsburgh, CA is a better work-life balance. It’s tempting to get completely wrapped up in your rental property to earn more money. But the more involved you become, the less time you have for other things like friends and family.

With Pittsburgh, CA property management on your side, you stand to have:

  • Less Stress: forget having to deal with late-night emergencies, long rides across town to collect rent, eviction court battles, or lengthy paperwork. These time-consuming and often boring tasks will no longer be your problem.
  • More Free Time: handling your rental property will take up a lot of time. By paying an experienced property manager to handle the day-to-day operations you stand to gain a lot of extra free time.
  • Freedom: if you hire a property manager, you will no longer be tied to the area your property is in. Instead, you can take vacations or even move to another state, without having to give your rental or your annual profits.


Final Thoughts

Are you considering hiring a property manager in Pittsburgh to help with your rental? If so, contact us today to see how we can help you manage your investment property and maximize your profits.

At Blue Line Property Management, we know that self-managing a rental property is a lot of work. We also know that it’s a lot of work you don’t want to – or can’t – handle. Luckily, our reliable property managers have what it takes to deal with your tenants and property.

With years of industry experience, and the means to ensure your rental generates the highest ROI possible, you can trust that handing over your single- or multi-family property to us will result in more free time, more money, and more peace of mind.