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Our team of professionals is made up of the best performing real estate brokers and property managers in Contra Costa County. Our team strives to work together cohesively to provide you with full scale services and a one stop team concept to all real estate needs. We work very closely with our sister company and have a broker/owner overseeing both divisions. Having a real estate division within our portfolio of services gives our clients the ability to have all of their real estate needs covered.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with quality support for all of your real estate transaction and management endeavors. You can purchase a property with help from our team, and then assign the management tasks to us as well. If you need to whittle down your investment property portfolio, we can help you sell the properties at the highest market rates.

We utilize high and low tech tactics to buy, sell and manage your properties. Our team also focuses on utilizing this modern and traditional approach to offer a dynamic range of services. Despite continued growth of our successful company, you will always receive high quality service and support that reflects our dedication to your success.