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Build Your Rental Portfolio

We help investors acquire, sell and manage their rental properties

We can help you grow your rental portfolio by providing you with access to the newest listings on and off the MLS.

Our team can help you acquire the best deals and negotiate the purchase price.

If you’re looking to sell one of your rental properties, we can prepare your property to get the highest possible selling price.



Get access to valuable resources in growing your rental portfolio

Get Access To Our REI Group: each month we bring in CPA’s, attorneys, lenders and many other experts to help investors grow their portfolio. This group is only available to our clients.

FREE Investment Analysis: We will provide a detailed analysis of any investment property you are thinking about buying. We provide estimated cashflows, rental rates, etc. and advise you based on our experience, whether it would be a good investment.

Get Access To Off-Market Properties: Our network of realtors, investors and clients sends us deals before they hit the market and we pass on those deals to you.

Get The Properties YOU want: Tell us what properties you’re in the market for and we utilize our network to send those more of those deals your way.

Our Communication & Transparency

We Discuss Large Maintenance Issues With You BEFORE Making Them: You no longer have to worry about large maintenance surprises on your monthly statement. We discuss and get approval from you before making any major maintenance repairs

We Notify You Of Tenant Issues: We keep you in the loop if there is any major issues with a tenant (like non-payment, etc.) and the solution(s) we’ve taken

Detailed & Transparent Accounting: Get access to our centralized online accounting system to keep track of your income, expense, itemized statements and tax documentation. Get easy access to financial reports at any time.